Native American Art
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Art has been there from years and is the form of expression. Art has got a special place in native american culture just like music and dance. There are various types of of art forms present there and the materials which are used to execute those work of arts are of different types like wood, clay, rocks, feathers, plaster of Paris etc.

Art of making statues with the help of plaster of Paris is very popular in native american culture. Art of basket weaving with the help of long, tiny, flexible pieces of wood is also very popular. Some people also make baskets with the help of cornhusks and reeds which are used to carry fruits and vegetables. There is a tribe called Navajo tribe which is very famous for hand woven blankets. The women of this tribe spend several hours everyday to weave the threads of different colors to make a beautiful and colorful blanket.

Tribes of colder regions of native america has an immense respect for animals and to show their respect, they made their statues. They made walruses with the help oh whales teeth by cutting them. They also made some other animals with the help of rocks. In fact everything they made in which they have spent time and care is considered to be an art like instruments and weapons. Totem poles are also the examples of their art which give quick view of the family lineage and the cultural heritage of the native american peoples.