Spirit art is just another part of evidential psychic readings which provides clients with specific information rather than generalities. I have done several drawings for clients who have said it resembled a family member and in a few cases even a particular photograph. Sometimes the artwork can be more meaningful to clients that the information you provide.

Sometimes it’s difficult for psychics and mediums to describe the spirits they encounter. We can’t always find the right words to explain the shape of a nose or the hairstyle of a spirit that we see. To become a better artist, study human anatomy focusing on the head. Analyze people’s facial features: eyes, noses, cheeks, chins, and ears. Notice the shapes and contours. See the difference between masculine and feminine features like lips and eyebrows. Women generally have slender jawlines, thin throats, and descending shoulders compared to men who have boxier jaws, wider necks, and broad shoulders.

The head is divided into 3 sections: the crown, face, and jaw.

  • The top crown section is where the hair, forehead, and eyebrows will be located. But don’t draw the hair or eyebrows yet – they will be added once the face is completed.
  • The middle face section will include the eyes, nose, and ears. Eyes can be drawn as sideways diamond-ovals with the irises and pupils made from one dark circle. Now add the eyebrows with slightly jagged descending lines. Lightly add a few wrinkles to the forehead or crow’s feet to the corner of eyes if the spirit appears older.
  • The height of the ears should span the space between the eyebrow and the tip of the nose. Draw ears like a half-heart then round the heart’s point for the lobe. For the nose, simply add a small curved line like a little smile. When drawing cheeks and the bridge of a nose use shading rather than drawing lines.
  • The bottom jaw section will include the lips and chin, and facial hair if necessary. Lips can be drawn with one larger line depicting the upper lip and opening of the mouth with a smaller line underneath for the bottom lip. If a spirit is smiling, make it subtle rather than cartoonish big. If a spirit has a mustache, sketch it almost like an eyebrow then add a small line underneath for the bottom lip. The chin was formed when the head was first outlined so just round it off now.

Many individuals are inspired and guided by spirits to do spiritual drawings. These spiritual drawings are spirits’ ways of communicating and helping us to understand the spirit world a bit better. In addition, they are letting us know that we are not alone. If you decide to draw during a psychic reading, don’t stop the session to concentrate on sketching. You will continue to receive information from spirits so keep talking to your client while you draw. You may even feel the connection between you, the spirit, and the client becomes stronger allowing you to see, hear, and feel more messages easier. As a Spirit Artist, I have done thousands of drawings every year. Every time I am amazed by what Spirit is able to communicate to me, but it is the incredible validation that the visual work provides that continues to astonish me