Well, there are not certain rules to do psychic drawings but few psychic readers made some research on it and some of them believe in the given steps. If these can be followed properly we can do the meaningful psychic drawing as per our requirements.

I. First of all the leader of the group needs to make a pair of everyone. Then the psychic artist will draw the aura graph and the other will receive the messages.

II. If you decide to draw during a psychic reading, don’t stop the session to concentrate on sketching. You will continue to receive information from spirits so keep talking to your client while you draw. You may even feel the connection between you, the spirit, and the client becomes stronger allowing you to see, hear, and feel more messages easier.

III. Spirit art is just another part of evidential psychic readings which provides clients with specific information rather than generalities. I have done several drawings for clients who have said it resembled a family member and in a few cases even a particular photograph. Sometimes the artwork can be more meaningful to clients that the information you provide.

IV. If you find my framework a little complicated just work in any way you feel best. As I have said, content is more important than form. As you interpret the drawing, tell your sitter what you are sensing and discuss it. Try not to feedback things the sitter has told you but trust your intuition to give you the insight you need.

V. As you sense information about the person sitting in front of you, add color patterns and pictures into the appropriate areas of the aura graph. For example, if you feel the person has high spiritual ideals you may add the color violet to the segments at the top If you feel that this is something that is just beginning to flow, you want to add patterns in a swirl of violet tones here to show a flow of energy. Or you may have a feeling that you want to add red to the shape. If you look up red in the aura section, you will read that if this color is found in the body aura, it shows a dynamic—possibly angry—person. However, red added to the spiritual areas of the aura high above the head can show spiritual power, such as mediumship. If it was anger you sensed, then you would probably want to add red tones to one of lower segments, perhaps on the bottom right, as here is represented the root of the emotions. If the red comes to you as a spiritual color, then you would add it to one or both of the top segments: on the left to show mediumship that the sitter is aware of, and on the right to indicate mediumship that is developing.

VI. As the son of an artist, I was encouraged to sketch and paint throughout my life. My father’s best piece of advice was that “nothing in nature is perfect”, meaning that lines are not always straight and circles are not always round. Tree bark is not always smooth and mountaintops don’t always have pointed peaks.

VII. Draw patterns with your colored pencils to represent the nature of the energy itself. For example, discordant or jarring shapes may indicate conflicts, whereas flowing lines and circles may show harmony. Squares suggest a standstill, which may mean that the sitter’s potential is either not being used or is stagnating. Using a combination of patterns and shapes will give you many ways to represent how you feel about the sitter’s energy. At this point in your development, we do not expect you to be able to sense or see the aura, but your intuition will, nonetheless, tell you a great deal about the person before you.

VIII. At first, your paragraphs may be a little messy, but with practice, they can become decorative artworks that have value in their own right. Auragraphs are like large colored doodles that you produce as the psychic intuition flows. They are visual recordings of the readings that will be of value to the recipients.

IX. When you have finished reverse roles.

So relax, don’t get frustrated, and most importantly don’t give up. As long as you are able to draw a recognizable spirit the client should be able to identify it along with your verbal description. Drawing is not always easy but tries your best not to exaggerate a spirit’s features out of respect for the client. They usually smile when they confirm a drawing and will mention if that family member was bit bolder or heavier.

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