Native Americans are very spiritual and their hand craft works can give a quick idea of the spirituality present in them. We can easily know from the past that native american culture was full of spirituality. It is totally different from the native american religion. There is no kind of spiritual meetings present there like native american religion had.

Alcohol consumption is not used in native american spirituality but created a hurricane in the life of native Americans. But the thing which draws attention towards the native american spirituality is the consumption of tobacco which is really very devastating.

There was a time when the native Americans were forced to change their religion by the governments of united states and Canada to change the way of practicing spirituality. Sometimes tribal leaders were sent to jail as a punishment for practicing spirituality. Hence, it is very clear that the native american spirituality was believed as the silly superstitious things by the white men.

Hunting and growing earth’s produce were the rituals performed by native Americans and were very well known way of life of native Americans. Some of the rituals were also performed before and after the hunting process in order to get continuous success in hunting without any kind of barrier. Native american spirituality and some of their rituals were slightly different in each tribe.

Before reaching the adulthood, the young boys of the tribe had to travel outside the camp in the wild forests. There was no such rules for the women. It was believed that a vision of native american spirituality will guide them while travelling.

According to native american spirituality humans and animals had same ancestors which is actually true according to science. In fact animals were originally believed to be humans according to native american spirituality. The native american spirituality also had belief which tells about the afterlife.

There were shamans who supervise the native american spirituality and were the leader of tribes. During the ceremonies the voice of drums and chanting make the spirits enter into shaman’s body. Thus shaman was able to tell that why some of the peoples in the camp are getting ill or why the hunting expedition got failed.

Native american spirituality also consist of rituals like sun dance and rain dance. In native american spirituality it was believed that weather is controlled by the spirits. That’s the reason behind the rain dance to bring rain.

The native american spirituality is a deep ocean and you will find treasure after sinking in it.