Native Americans have special place of music in their lives. Native american music can be made by using several instruments like flutes, rattles, clapsticks, whistles , drums , string instruments etc. Music is used in ceremonies and parties to enjoy. Music is also used to express the feelings or to heal any inner wound.
Apart from instruments , there is one more very important part of music in native american culture which is vocals . Peoples are gifted with different kind of voices and different kind of music can be made by these voices. There is no fix pattern or way to create music by vocals. Sometimes there is only a single artist who is singing and sometimes there is a group of peoples who sings together or one by one. The native american mostly have separate songs of men and women. They have separate dance as well in which while singing a song a women dances in a specific place and a man sings and dances around her. In native american culture music is said to be the way to call spirits, to bring rain and to heal ourselves.