Some tribes of native Americans had majorly similar religious principal. However there were some tribes with totally different beliefs. These dissimilarities made the native american religion very complex.

Hallucination is a very common practice included in native american religion which was used to make a communication with spirits. There are many more practices as well as ceremonies, which were a part of native american religion. Music and dance performances were the center of attraction of those ceremonies of native american religion.

Elements of environment like plants, animals and landscapes were an important part of the native american religion. Especially Animals were often symbolized to represent spirits and some ideas. Animals were also used to tell the story of creation by some of the native american tribes. Lots of event happened in nature are mentioned in many traditional stories of the native american religion. Which tells us that nature was a thing of focus in native american religion.

There is no fixed definition of native american religion. In fact it was not believed as a religion in the past as the native american religion did not had proper set of written guidelines about it. That’s why the beliefs of native american religion were not understood at that time.