On the basis of artifacts, traditions and customs we can easily identify a cultural group. There are many common products between native american artifacts and native american culture.

Some of the american indians have blend them into american culture whereas some are still remaining on indian reservation through the united states of america and Canada. Similarly some of the native Americans are leading their life outside the indian reservation while some of them are still connected to their ancestral roots. Indian instruments, poetry collection, indian clothing, jewelry, paintings, bow and arrow are some of the examples of handmade american indian crafts. Peoples should be very careful about the authenticity of the product before purchasing it in the modern day.

To focus on native american artifacts most of the american indians have selected the retail shops and online stores to sell them. Modern native artifacts are easy to locate while classic native american artifacts are very difficult to locate. Most catalog products are the genuine indian artifacts because of the reason that the owners of the retail shops are native Americans. Making clothes with the help of animal skins and washing utensils were the work which helped american indians to put together the basic needs by relying on their hands.

Nowadays most of the native american artifacts from different cultural groups are kept in museums and galleries throughout the country. Native american items have been reproduce in this modern era. Moccasin which is used as a shoe now is a perfect example of it.