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The first and second YouTube videos are so well done! They’re about the Navajo Warrior Tradition up to present day. The third video is about the plans to build a youth center called “Stars in the Desert”.

Navajo Warrior Tradition
From George Washington, Code Talkers in WWII, Korea and Viet Nam to present, this is an amazing tradition and one to be MOST proud of. “Ahee'ee brother, for uploading this video. This video displays a little of what it means to be Dine', but no video can entirely display what it means to be Navajo.”

The Navajo
From precontact, to present day, a wonderful clip about these proud people. “the one thing i do see about our Navajo culture is that it is strong...there are many that still choose to live the old ways..still speak the language..still live in hogans...still farm...still heard the sheep...still respect the elders...many choose to not live as the white society. Culure is still important to many of our tribe...this is what makes me proud of our people...”

Navajo Youth Needs Help
The plans to build a youth center in desert for Stars! “first of all,thx for uploading this video and introducing yourself to the rest of the world-it is very hard to find videos about the situation in navajoland and it is very sad to hear that it is described as a part of the third world.I am a native german and so i am far away from your troubles ,but it touches my heart to see your people suffering. There should be a channel that hosts actual videos about the problems of the navajo nation to keep the world updated and in touch with you.”

The Navajo people (or Dine’) of the southwestern United States are currently the largest Native American tribe in North America, with an estimated tribal population of 300,000. The Navajo Nation constitutes an independent governmental body which manages the Navajo Indian reservation in the Four Corners area of the United States. To read more, visit the Wikipedia page.

If you want to learn more about the Navajo, visit the official site of the nation,

PLEASE support the following Navajo artisans. The workmanship is second-to none as is their intrinsic value! This, of course, is just a sampling of Navajo talent. Please follow these Navajo Nation Links:

Anderson’s Americana Indian & Western Shows
Navajo rugs and weavings by some of the Southwest's most prominent artists—contemporay and historical works.

Skystone Creations
Skystone Creations is proud of the Navajo artists that are commissioned to create jewelry exclusively for us. When possible, we enjoy introducing visitors to our Arizona shop to the artist that crafted a favorite item.

Navajo Arts and Crafts-Huerfano Chapter E-Commerce
Sacred Wind Communications Community Connect Inc. (SWCCC) has launched a free e-commerce Web site for members of the Navajo Nation living in or close to the Huerfano Chapter House near Bloomfield, N.M. This site allows artists to sell pottery, jewelry, rugs and other textiles. The SWCCC manages the site and advertises for the artists. All profits to go the artists.

Blue Sky Turquoise
Authentic Handmade Navajo Necklaces, including turquoise necklaces and Sterling Silver Necklaces.

Native American Turquoise and Silver Bolo Ties: Circle KB
Navajo artisan, Tommy Singer is known world wide for his silver art work. He uses top grade Sterling Silver in all his work and number one grade genuine Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.

Amarind Art
For more than 300 years, the Navajo have created great works of art on their distinctive, upright looms. For many generations, Navajo artists specialized in making gorgeous, wearable blankets. These amazing blankets were often adorned with stripes or bands of color; when the wearer wrapped the blanket around him or herself, the bands would connect, creating one beautifully continuous line.

This Navajo family craft shop offers sand paintings in both traditional and more touristy designs. Don't miss the most beautiful yei figures and mesa silhouettes near the bottom.

Bear Canyon Galleries
Navajo-owned store carrying Southwest Indian jewelry, sculpture, and fine crafts.
Contemporary Southwestern designs by a young Navajo artist using traditional silver and stone inlay techniques.

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