About me, my background and my web site

About Me...
My name is Michaele (nickname of Myke). I'm a bit closer chronologically than mentally to Social Security's retirement age. Given the current economic turmoil, who knows what THAT number is!

I live outside of Philadelphia in beautiful and historic Chester County. The picture below are those who call my house "HOME"...my daughter who graduated UNC-Chapel Hill with a BA, University of Colorado-Boulder with an MA, and entering Brown University for her Ph.D. The dog, Bailey, is my Homeland Security!

My Background... The National Geographic was in the house while I was growing up and I looked at the pictures before I could read. That magazine sparked my love of history and archaeology. Having some Native American ancestry made me even more inquisitive, so I graduated from Penn State as an Anthropology major concentrating in Native American archaeology and a minor in religious studies. The spirituality of the American Indian is one of the most intriguing concepts I've explored.

So, I'm happy to share the history and what to look for if you are purchasing an authentic Native American item. The history is rich, deep and laden with tradition.

I'm not an artist. I don't own a gallery. My information is from a concerned consumer's perspective. I have no governmental, organizational or store-front ties. My prior employments had nothing to do with artisans, Native Americans or art in general. Yet, I've always had a deep desire to know more. As my home page states, I was in Santa Fe and didn't understand what I was looking at...the "why", "what", "where", "then", "how", "now"....

I've studied the forced movements and displacements of these peoples. I've studied the inner-workings of their cultures with the environment and spirituality and the products produced. Some of these works of art are the most beautiful in the world and becoming some of the most desirable collectibles in the world. Yet, some of these people living in the United States go cold in the winter, go hungry, are not recognized for being the artisans that they are, and I wanted to do something about it. BUT WHAT...?

My Website.... I had the fortune of being laid off from a highly unethical employer. It was time to start my quest to have a presence on the web around an ethical and helpful concept. Here's my story on how Support Native American Art started.

My neighbor told me about a web site package he bought that would make him money, but it was a "Buy-Buy-Buy" concept and I asked "Why-Why-Why"???

In my quest for financial independence, I stumbled upon information about starting a web site that I REALLY liked, offered support and training while finding a niche, and struck home for me. It was about rediscovering my deep interest passion, write about it and start my own business on that premise.

Here's Tony, another user who is following his PASSION...

The site is called "Site Build It!", affectionately called SBI! by the users.

Site Build It has the tools to help with starting and optimizing an on-line business. They offer a step-by-step guide to get the user started on the right foot - developing the best site concept, brainstorming, writing, refining, keep writing, and so much more!. The steps to accomplish this are clear cut, well written, with a lot of examples and lots of support along the way. And, I'm always thinking of new topics to add and ways to stay in touch.

SBI takes care of all the technical stuff - all I have to do is write and upload. I'm not a techie, but I like to write! I explored their site off-and-on for 3 months, emailed some of the site owners asking them about their SBI experiences, thought it over, talked with friends, .... before I purchased the package and haven't looked back.

With this package, you can sell hard goods, be an online auction seller, sell a service, sell e-goods or be an Infopreneur.

It's not a "get rich quick" scheme...what goes "live" is the result of thought-provoking exercises and work. After all, a successful business does not happen over-night. It's exciting because the subject of the site comes from me...it's mine. On top of everything else they offer, SBI! taught me ways to make some extra income from my passion.

I hope you enjoy my web site. If you've ever given any thought to starting your own web-based business, even if you have "nothing" to sell except your passion, look into Site Build It!

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