Support Native American Art
Art has been there from years and is the form of expression. Art has got a special place in native american culture just like music and dance.


There are various types of of art forms present there and the materials which are used to execute those work of arts are of different types like wood, clay, rocks, feathers, etc.

Art of making statues with the help of plaster of paris is very popular in native american culture. Art of basket weaving with the help of long, tiny, flexible pieces of wood is also very popular. Some people also make baskets with the help of cornhusks and reeds which are used to carry fruits and vegetables. There is a tribe called Navajo tribe which is very famous for hand woven blankets. The women of this tribe spend several hours everyday to weave the threads of different colors to make a beautiful and colorful blanket.

How to Make Psychic Drawing

Well, there are not certain rules to do psychic drawings but few psychic readers made some research on it and some of them believe in the given steps. If these can be followed properly we can do the meaningful psychic drawing as per our requirements. I. First of all...

Psychic Art

Psychic art is an art which is not easy to do or understand for everyone. Psychic art is a kind of medium to portray the things which no one could ever be able to see. Many psychic readers help others by using psychic art as a medium. Through this process, the psychic...


Some tribes of native Americans had majorly similar religious principal. However there were some tribes with totally different beliefs. These dissimilarities made the native american religion very complex. Hallucination is a very common...


Native Americans are very spiritual and their hand craft works can give a quick idea of the spirituality present in them. We can easily know from the past that native american culture was full of spirituality. It is totally different from the native american religion....


According to native american traditions nine animal guides are assigned to a person which provides a way to spirituality in this life as well as in the next one. Nowadays peoples are confusing totem with totem pole. The animal guide which is assigned to a person is...